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Party on, even if it's after 2am and only the drunkest don't want to stop

We've reached 5000, new party is in here!

Turn down the music before the neighbours complain and don't use the bathroom on the first floor, it's clogged. Can anyone go to the petrol station? We're out of cheap vodka. What do you mean the petrol stations are closed? They should have a night desk.

Anyway- what is it? omg what?! they're making out? In the kitchen? I need to see that! BRB

my husbands


hey baby

How's it?

it's cool...could be worse but it's alright.
how is you??

Still fighting the USA.

lol having a rough time in the US of A?

Oh you're not up to date! I've been blacklisted and not allowed into the country. Been doing the long distance thing since April because my bf is already there.

wait what???what did i miss?

I've been rejected twice for a visa, wanted to use the visa waiver program and they thought that was suspect. So I'm on the black list and waiting for my application to change that to go through. It's been 3 months since I've applied.



why are they denying you the visa?doesn't make sense.

Because I don't have enough proof of a connection with the Netherlands. They worry I might go illegal.

lol this is bull

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