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Party on, even if it's after 2am and only the drunkest don't want to stop

We've reached 5000, new party is in here!

Turn down the music before the neighbours complain and don't use the bathroom on the first floor, it's clogged. Can anyone go to the petrol station? We're out of cheap vodka. What do you mean the petrol stations are closed? They should have a night desk.

Anyway- what is it? omg what?! they're making out? In the kitchen? I need to see that! BRB

OH GOD. I am a sucker for huge kitchens.

One of my dream houses is a chateau like this.

So, an article today confirmed that Bucky/Winter Soldier would be a "central character" in Cap 3, and some of my concerns have eased a bit about that movie. I mean, it still seems like it has a lot of characters and I'm worried that Tony will take up a lot of screentime, but this makes me feel a bit better anyway.

I mean, it's not the Up All Night To Get Bucky film I was led to believe it would be, but this could still work for me lol.


Also, are you another new face, or did someone change their screenname?

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Lookit muh pretty princess

noooooo my heart

This is really cute :3

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Going to get back into comics!

I don't know what I did with my Gambit comics but I regret not holding on to them :(

I know Stan Lee or his PR team is here doing a contest. Very exciting.

We've got until December 31st to write an essay about why [you're] the biggest Marvel fan and thus, am deserving to meet Stan the Man.

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I need to catch up on Agents of Shield tbh

Where are you?

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Meeting blue and happieee this Monday. In a zoo! Ah!

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(Deleted comment)
We've all got one of those.

I am batman

*Muffled rap music in the background*

idk, I lol'd

Will never not lose it at Chris punching nothing.

(Deleted comment)

this exists... someone's on the no-no juice


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this wasn't really that mean? he's qt tho

I meant f**k me

Damned autocorrect.

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