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Party on, even if it's after 2am and only the drunkest don't want to stop

We've reached 5000, new party is in here!

Turn down the music before the neighbours complain and don't use the bathroom on the first floor, it's clogged. Can anyone go to the petrol station? We're out of cheap vodka. What do you mean the petrol stations are closed? They should have a night desk.

Anyway- what is it? omg what?! they're making out? In the kitchen? I need to see that! BRB

Can we declare today Marvel Day?

-All these Phase 3 announcements
-Black Panther officially cast (and the full costume revealed)
-First look at Agent Carter
-Another good SHIELD episode
-The party scene

i am doing the spoiler free thing with age of ultron so i blocked all tumblr tags related to marvel and mcu

my dash looks like an abandonned building lol

You can follow but I post like ..once a week only. Marvel free.

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That one time Thor hurled Mjolnir around the motherfucking sun to take out a Builder.

what a great moment

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dat suit

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well, if he misses the swing scott's in trouble.

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Steve got PLAYED SO DAMN HARD in this issue omggg

i see old man steve is still stubborn

I was looking for some very specific panels from Avengers #37, but I couldn't find them. So I got lazy and took pics.

[First, Steve gets shown the door by hologram Bruce and Hank]

title or description

[Then, Carol fires some motherfucking shots and Steve is NOT happy]

title or description

title or description

Steve had a really, really bad day

lolololol omg hahhahahahhaahhahahahahahahhahaah

we are not worthy

marvel released avengers 3 teaser trailer

no biggie

it's only 4 years till then

none whatsoever

sam is a bamf

and this reminded me that i dislike scott ahahahahahahah

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Even when getting his drivers' license photo taken, he's still Tony Stark.

that happened like 30 mins after #marvelevent

title or description

omg my bb scottish prince

so, i am watching the avengers for the millionth time and i found something new that i haven't seen before

it's like a treasure hunt

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I've been reading through this post and it awesome but I think it needs more soul-crushing by the worst members of the Avengers fandom because everyone's kind of happy.

Banner would never, but.

*grumpy cat*


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....I think they meant redemption?

nothing to kickstart a party like a loki confession

finally someone cut this song

Getting mindwiped and tortured turns someone on.

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this, this is the winner.

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