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Party on, even if it's after 2am and only the drunkest don't want to stop

We've reached 5000, new party is in here!

Turn down the music before the neighbours complain and don't use the bathroom on the first floor, it's clogged. Can anyone go to the petrol station? We're out of cheap vodka. What do you mean the petrol stations are closed? They should have a night desk.

Anyway- what is it? omg what?! they're making out? In the kitchen? I need to see that! BRB

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lmao, this gif is one of my favs. It always cracks me up whenever I see it.

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pepper potts should take lessons from me on how to deal with your baby-ceo.

i should be ceo-ing this bitch.



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Just had an amazing Christmas party with friends. I finally got to give my (now former) roommates this, which I've been sitting on for a year:

They went nuts. They loved it.

And I got The Wolf of Wall Street on DVD and a Forever 21 gift card (shhhh they have good stuff sometimes that store is my guilty pleasure).

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I had a dream last night that my psycho ex-boss came to the door and wanted to talk. I shut the door in her face and walked back to my room like this:


lmao this is cracking me up

Also I found a bunch of her business cards in my trunk when I was up visiting my family in Fort Worth, took them out back (my grandparents live in the country), and shot at them.

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time for me to kick my routine up a notch, gonna start aiming for 3 sets of 30 reps on each machine.

Whooo exercise! What do you like to do?

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allo, lovelies.

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning. The wet cold outside was no match for my comforters and cashmere :3

that's always the best feeling :3

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I'm watching the Grumpy Cat Christmas movie for some reason and it's actively making fun of me for doing so.

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Holy Shit. The ones to Germany and Co from the same batch just arrived yesterday as well. Send them out on Thursday. That was one early flight. Haha. Hope you like it.

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I didn't sent anything this year and I still got a Christmas card. Thaaaaaanks, meg!

Yay, you got it in time. <3

Woah, this is kinda a rare pic


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Since I'm about to head to my dad's and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have internet atm


I'm genuinely glad to know you all and hope we're friends for many years to come. I wish you all the merriest of Christmasses and the happiest of New Years. <3

Re: Since I'm about to head to my dad's and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have internet atm

Enjoy the day, sweetie!

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Parents + computers + your computer knowledge = bloodshed

yes! i got my profile fixed. still need to find something for the background

This asshole's bone structure

Loki in the snow


But then sometimes he makes faces like this and I question a few things about myself

I love this look

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ugh. i wish i had a party or something to go to for NYE. i am not drinking champagne in my PJs while watching torrented movies with my cat again!!

Well, at least you're not doing that. That sounds fun and cozy and there's no place for that 'round these parts, missy.


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