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Party on, even if it's after 2am and only the drunkest don't want to stop

We've reached 5000, new party is in here!

Turn down the music before the neighbours complain and don't use the bathroom on the first floor, it's clogged. Can anyone go to the petrol station? We're out of cheap vodka. What do you mean the petrol stations are closed? They should have a night desk.

Anyway- what is it? omg what?! they're making out? In the kitchen? I need to see that! BRB


lol that comeback

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(Deleted comment)
I sort of came to terms with it after the last rumor, but ugh, it's still so annoying. I just wish Joaquin would have taken the role. It would have been so much better.

Omg @ Dr. Strange

I had hoped... Yet...

Benny Cumsquatsch killed ontd_assemble?

I hope not

I still cannot believe that he is Dr. Strange.

I just have a hard time accepting it.

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i might actually get a job doing what i would really love to do. i don't want to jinx it. but i'm hoping. i have a good job now, but this would be a dream job. i've always wanted to be a full time reporter at a newspaper. crossing my fingers.

Oh whoa, good luck!

Marvel dudes made out pretty well in this category lol

It's kind of shocking-not-so-shocking to see Benedict as #1. And with his Strange role developing, he might remain #1...

Yay @ all the marvel bbs! But, I'm also rooting for an extra guy in this list :3

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Clark ilu

SHIELD tonight


Re: SHIELD tonight

I'm gonna watch as soon as I get done with homework tonight!

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"Sony Hack" Documents Confirm Marvel Wants Spider-Man For CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

holy crap! I know there were rumors about Marvel wanting Spidey, but I didn't think discussions had gotten this far! It would be great to have Spidey back in the MCU! I hope it happens. Although, how many characters are they planning to cram into Civil War if the plan was to bring him back in that film?? Poor Cap is going to have to share his film with so many characters. Plus, I was really hoping for more Bucky screentime...

Re: "Sony Hack" Documents Confirm Marvel Wants Spider-Man For CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

Lets hope that Sony does the right thing and lets us have it!

I want to see more of Bucky too! It was kinda funny but when I went to see CA2 there was someone in the audience going "Bucky no!" whenever he hit Steve.

I would like to bless my return to these posts with a gif of Chris Evans drunk-swanson-ing it out.

How are you babes?
I'm doing good-ish.

I'm doing fine, just looking forward to starting a part time job and preparing for an internship for the next semester.

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I was supposed to go to the gym today but I got distracted and ended up going shopping.

I'll just go tomorrow morning, I'll use tonight to make a playlist though.

I just realized we haven't tried to organize a Christmas card exchange this year :(

lol, I completely forgotten about that :( Never too late! Maybe they can be like January card? Or save it for Valentine day? LOL idk

more festiveness

Re: more festiveness

This was very well done xD


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(Deleted comment)
I'm seeing the same thing with the fonts. It's weird.

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(Deleted comment)
omg, these 5 year old boys

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